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Reintermediate backend ideas for cross-platform models. Continually integrates processes through technically sound intellectual capital. Holistically foster superior methodologies without market-driven best practices.

Manufacturing of Wooden Products

Warehouse Services and Contract Services

Contract Labour Supply

Packing Services

Recycle of Used Woods, Planks, Plywood

Plastic Pallet

Who We Are?


In 1972, we started to provide packing services and since then we have been developing the technique and skills which now stands as one of the best in the market in various aspect. The machinery used are of highly sophisticated and the workers are well trained and equipped.

Malaysia is developing rapidly towards its Vision 2020 and many in-house warehouses requires various types of servicing and housekeeping. We are proud to say that we have substantial equipments and manpower to facilitate huge warehouses ranging from 3 to 6 acres in size.

Trained workers are available to meet up with customer requirements. Some companies find this facility more economical, convenient, efficient and effective.

Our Competence

99 % Manufacturing of Wooden Products
95 % Warehouse and Contract Services
85 % Contract Labour Supply
90 % Packing Services
95 % Recycle of used Woods, Planks
85 % Plastic Pallet
81 % Heat Treatment (ISPM 15)
86 % Moving Machines
89 % Stuffing Containers

We are hiring

We are looking for a potential quality person, then transform this person to be a rich competences person to support company’s performance in the future.